Altronic Virtual Training 2021

In 2020, Altronic commissioned an extensive, no-cost virtual training program to support the successful application and operation of its products in service around the world. The travel control and COVID safety protocols put in place this past year by most organizations has only reinforced the importance of this program and has confirmed its value for its renewal in 2021.

The 2021 schedule is outlined below. It consists of one (1) hour sessions set for 2:00 PM EST on the second Friday of each month. The topics selected are a mix of general application theory, a review of major product line components, specific technical service topics, and new product discussions. Each session will be led by an experienced factory or field based technical resource from Altronic.

Our standard BlueJeans video conference platform will be used. The log-in details appear at the bottom of the list.

Feb. 12: Ignition Fundamentals - Basic Theory, System Overviews, etc.
Instructor: P. McHenry

Mar. 12: Control Panel Specification, Quotation, and Approval

Instructor: G. Grubbs

April 9: Disc-Triggered Systems - CD1/CD200/NGI-1000

Instructor: T. Smith

May 14: Crankshaft-Referenced Ignition Systems - CPU-95/CPU-2000
Instructor: T. Smith

June 11: CDM-2100 Differential Catalyst Pressure Monitoring System
Instructor: McHenry

July 9: SaveAir Large Engine Starting Systems
Instructor: M. Porter

Aug, 13: DE-4000 Basic Configuration, Firmware Updates, Tools
Instructor: J. Nance

THURSDAY, Sept. 9: ActuCOM, GOV, and AGV Fuel Controls
Instructor: C. Ward

Oct. 8: Air-Fuel Ratio Control - EPC and AFR-500
Instructor: M. Young

Nov. 12: DE-4000 System and Firmware Updates
Instructor: B. Worth


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This link can be copied and easily pasted into virtually any web browser to give you simple access. To minimize background noise and limit excessive bandwidth consumption, we ask when you join the sessions that you turn off both your audio and video feeds by clicking on the buttons on the access screen shown below.

Note: Left most two buttons - camera and microphone - should be clicked on and disabled during the presentation. During the Question and Answer session at the conclusion of each session, please feel free to un-mute your microphone to participate.

Note: We encourage you to add these dates to your calendars now as no e-mail based meeting invitations will be sent. A reminder note will be sent the day prior to each session.

All of the sessions produced since May 2020 have been recorded and are now available for review. 2021 sessions will be added as soon as is practical.

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