What's New?

Retrofit Ignition/Control Package for
Caterpillar® 3500 Engines Equipped with
SI/EIS Ignition Systems

  • Pre-engineered, engine-specific ignition and control system solution for legacy Caterpillar® 3500-series engines equipped with the SI or EIS ignition systems
  • Utilizes standard, cost-effective Altronic components, including: CPU-95 High Speed Gas Engine Digital Ignition System, DET-1600 Detonation and Misfire Detection System,DSG-1682DUPS Digital Setpoint Gauge
  • Incorporates custom ignition and detonation sensor harnesses for simple system installation and service
  • Delivers expanded user access to system diagnostics and configuration
  • Assured future upgrade path and system support from Altronic and its Aftermarket Distributor organization
  • CSA certified, Class 1, Div 2, Groups C & D