What's New?

CPU-XL VariSpark
Advanced Digital Ignition System

for Large Gas Engines

  • Innovative and patented (U.S. Patent 7,401,603) Directed Energy spark control capability optimizes performance on emissions-controlled engines as well as on applications experiencing wide variations in operating and ambient conditions
  • Incorporates an engine-specific ignition coil/EZRail system rail for cost-effective installation and operation
  • Comprehensive system and spark discharge diagnostics help to insure the swift identification of operating issues and to minimize associated engine downtime
  • System timing, spark profile, and access to all other system options and diagnostics are available from the system keypad and graphical display, as well as remotely via Modbus RTU communications
  • State-of-the-art, crankshaft-referenced digital ignition system for natural-gas fueled integral compressor engines
  • CSA certified, Class 1, Div 2, Groups C & D