What's New?

Integrated Telematics System for Engine and Compression Control Automation

  • The Altronic-Enbase Telematics System is designed
    for simple, plug and play integration into a new or
    existing DE-3000 or DE-3000+ control panel
  • Allows for remote access to LIVE operating data
  • Critical data can be monitored and now remotely
  • Provides a local area connection for monitoring and
    control, simplifying the work of an onsite technician
  • Telematics dashboard provides a familiar feel for
    existing DE-3000 terminal program users
  • Customizable gauges for application specific
  • Field SCADA wiring is not required, allowing for
    operators and packagers alike to receive the critical
    information they require, wirelessly
  • A small staff of centralized experts can remotely
    perform these functions for the entire fleet, improving
    quality and significantly reducing field labor costs
  • Wi-Fi HMI for easy dashboard viewing on
    smartphones, tablets, and PCs